Thoughts for Thursday

It’s back to work tomorrow, you guys. This was the weirdest summer ever. Usually I’m a blogging machine in the summer, but this year I just lost all my steam. It’s okay. I’m still alive. After spending September through February studying for my BCBA exam, I just needed some time. More than I realized. I’ll be an itinerant behavior analyst this year, so this summer I didn’t have a classroom to set up, which was a little sad but gah, I sure saved a lot of money.

I haven’t done a list in a long time, so here are my thoughts for Thursday (the format is different from my other lists-I think I’ll keep the option open to do a focused list or a random on like this).

1. I’m going to write a lunch ebook (or at least for the moment I’m saying I’m going to write one. I’m hoping that this video series from Food Blogger Pro will help me. I love how Lindsey of Pinch of Yum and her husband Bjorn love sharing their knowledge with others!

2. In preparation for aforementioned ebook, I’ve been looking for lots of lunch inspiration. I’m determined to be a better lunch planner this year! 100 Days of Real Food is one of my favorite places to look for ideas. Lisa packs great real food lunches for her kids!

3. Okay, I’m going to shut up about the ebook…but I want your opinion. Some of you have shared your thoughts on Facebook, but I need help picking a name/hashtag for my book. I want to see what you all are taking in your lunches. I’ve had two suggestions I loved: Lunchavore (#lunchavore) and Think Outside the Lunchbox (#totlb). Which one would you vote for?

4. Speaking of lunch, did you know that Igloo products are made in the USA? I’m going to be more or less working out of my car this year so my lunch needs to stay cold (food poisoning = NOT COOL). Here’s what I got: I feel like a construction worker but it’s all good.


5. Remember how I was looking for a new car? We went hybrid! I’m going to be driving a ton with my new job so fuel economy is the name of the game. I am seriously enamored with my Prius. This thing gets some serious MPGs (it tells you your average after every trip!) and Philip and I are a little obsessed….though I have to admit I love Bluetooth almost as much as being fuel efficient.


6. Philip and I are trying to eat less sugar. I don’t think of myself as a sugar addict, but it definitely limits my baking and dessert options. I’m trying to only eat sugar on the weekends, so I’m thinking of baking my way through the Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book on the weekends and sharing the leftovers with my colleagues.

7. Will someone please tell me how to find a job writing a column called “the burger lab”?

8. Yummie Nation is live now. You guys might recognize one of their bloggers (though I think I should correct the whole “vegetarian” situation so as not to be misleading).

9. Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen announced that she’s going to be writing another cookbook! Her first cookbook is my all-time favorite, so I’m sure you guys can imagine my excitement, especially since she more or less swore that she’d never write another….

10. My kitchen is not photography friendly (read: I have ugly 1970s cabinets & countertops). I am dying to do this to my kitchen.

63 days till Fall break!