Friday List: Dog Friendly Restaurants in Chattanooga

Dog friendly restaurants in Chattanooga? Not my area of expertise, since I don’t have a dog. However, Chattavore contributor Carmen Patty (who brought us her favorite drink spots in Chattanooga last month), has a bit of experience in this arena. Today, Carmen is bringing us her top five dog friendly restaurants in Chattanooga!

People who know me know that my dog, Myko, and I are a package deal. I miss him when I am on trips and can’t wait to see him when I come home from work. He’s always ready to watch TV or go on walks or hit the bars with me. He never has other plans and is always excited to see me. Because of this, I have learned the best places to take him around town. Lucky for me and other dog owners, Chattanooga (especially N Chatt) is very dog-friendly. Below are my top 5 favorite places to take my fur baby!!

dog friendly restaurants in chattanooga | chattavore

5. Bar Louie

Just as people know I am dog-obsessed, they also know I am a complete and total snob when it comes to chain restaurants–I am not a fan, but I had heard that Bar Louie was a great place to take dogs in East Brainerd. While the food was standard American fare, the service was quick and they easily and happily accommodated my dog, Myko. They brought out water and made both of us feel right at home. While Bar Louie isn’t my number one pick for taking my dog out, it definitely deserves to be in the top 5.

dog friendly restaurants in chattanooga | chattavore

4. Brewhaus

Brewhaus in North Chatt is not only one of the coolest places in Chattanooga with its friendly staff european feel, but is also incredibly dog-friendly. It’s a great place to enjoy gorgeous Chattanooga evenings and afternoons with delicious beer and some of the best bar food you’ll ever have.

dog friendly restaurants in chattanooga | chattavore

3. Blue Plate

Chattanooga is called the scenic city for a reason, and from the patio at Blue Plate, that reason is obvious. Situated at Ross’ Landing, the patio gives patrons one of the best views of the riverfront. Blue Plate serves delicious fried chicken and pretty awesome cocktails, too! This is one of those places that is perfect for tourists and locals alike. They also happen to be very dog friendly as they are always welcoming and will even give treats to the dogs occasionally.

dog friendly restaurants in chattanooga | chattavore

2. World of Beer

This place is not only Myko’s new favorite spot, but mine too!! The service is incredible, the atmosphere is wood-paneled tavern meets neighborhood hangout. During the summer, they have garage doors that open to Market Street, and in the winter a fire that is roaring in the indoor patio area. During the winter months this is the best place to take your dog because you can stay warm inside and still have your pup with you!

dog friendly restaurants in chattanooga | chattavore

1. Brix Nouveau

Since I am a wino, Brix is my go-to spot in Chattanooga. I love the staff, the food, and the atmosphere. The style of the place is modern and sleek, but is made unique with quirky accents and comfortable seating. They have an amazing year-round patio with two fires and tons of comfy couch-style seating. The fact that their wine list is affordable and delicious is just icing on the cake.

Thanks to Rambo and Tyson Jackson for helping me with the list!! Other spots the boys love include: Hair of The Dog, Foodworks, Chat O Brasserie, and The Ice Cream Show!

What are your favorite dog friendly restaurants in Chattanooga?